Earlier this month I had the tremendous privilege of hosting a JNCIS-SP webinar: a 90 minute talk for folks starting their journey towards the first of three Juniper Service Provider certifications. About 150 folks joined us at the start, and about 150 stayed until the end! With any luck they were the same 150.

Juniper asked me to give them my slides, so they could add them to their training material. But to be honest, the slides weren’t really meant to be read as a stand-alone document. They were more designed to be a thing I used as a springboard for some excellent chat and advice.

So, being the stone-cold legend that I am, I went through and completely re-wrote the slides to mirror what I actually said during the webinar. I’ve created something much bigger and substantially different to what the attendees saw on the day, with tons of new content. And now I’m delighted to say that they’re up on Junos Genius, for your viewing pleasure!



Good question. Click right here, Jeffrey:

You’ll need to sign in to see them. It’s well worth opening a Junos Genius account if you don’t have one already. There’s a ridiculous amount of free study content on their website. It’s absurd just how much stuff Juniper gives you to help you on your way.

Even though I put tons of work into these slides, I’ll still tell you this for free: reading these slides on their own is no substitute for actually joining a live webinar. You get to see live questions from the community that I answer live, and you get to find out about some secret tips and tricks. Also, the inevitable tangents of conversation always lead to some unique learning.

So how do you attend? The next webinar is in November sometime. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you’d like to be kept in the loop about that.

But until then, these slides will definitely still give you lots of value, and hopefully supply you with some practical real-world guidance on how to study for the JNCIS-SP exam.



In total there’s 50 slides that cover everything you need to get started with studying for the exam:

  • First we talk about what the exam actually is, with an analysis of the syllabus
  • Then we talk about how difficult it is, and the level of knowledge required
  • Next we take a long look at some of the many study resources available to you
  • That’s followed up with some actual study tips, to make the most out of your spare time
  • And finally, we go back to the syllabus – but this time we take a deep-dive into every single aspect of it.

To give you a taste for what I’ve done, I’ve put some screenshots of a few of the slides below. This is only a small selection: there’s 50 slides in total, but it gives you a feel for the sort of thing you can expect in the full deck. Take a look in particular at the final screenshot. Most of the slides are like that one, with very concrete examples of things to learn and things to focus on.

If this deck sounds fun and useful to you, log into Junos Genius and give it a go! Once you’re logged in, click here to go straight to the slide deck.

Drop me a comment if you’ve got any questions! I’m very bad at remembering to reply, but I definitely will reply eventually!


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