If there’s one thing the internet definitely has too many of, it’s idiot network engineers writing blogs about knowledge they’ve half-learned, during their studies for certifications that most recruiters haven’t even heard of. Well, lucky for the internet that I’m here to add yet another one to the pile!



I’m Chris Parker, a network engineer from London. I’ve worked in the ISP sector for over 11 years now, both in support and as a core network engineer. I’ve also worked multiple times as an in-house trainer, up-skilling technical support to CCNA/JNCIA level and beyond.

At the end of 2016 my life took a bit of a unique turn, though – I saved up some money, and left the industry to do stand-up comedy! I’d been doing it for seven years, and decided to give it a go full-time. I had a lot of fun, made tons of friends for life, and had a little bit of success, too. At the start of 2018 Im delighted to say that I returned back to the industry.

After taking a year out, I knew I’d need to get my skills back into shape, and so far I’ve got both my CCNA and CCNP Routing and Switching, plus Juniper’s JNCIA-JUNOS and JNCIS-SP certs. Not bad for nine months!

My particular passion is learning routing technologies – BGP, MPLS, OSPF, IS-IS, IPv6, and all those funky things.



I love to study, and I love to share my new-found knowledge with others. And that’s exactly what this blog is: round-ups of new knowledge I’ve learned, summarising the facts, adding in jokes, and hopefully telling it with a bit more charm than then average documentation!

Because here’s the thing: we all know that 99% of networking blog posts as dry, dull and tedious. They’ll either suck away your enthusiasm, or they’ll leave you with more questions than answers. Sometimes even the official documentation will contradict itself, or be almost impenetrable. And I’ve lost count of the number of blogs that literally just copy and paste the Wikipedia article on the topic!!

This blog tries to do something different: I want to teach you the concepts in an enthusiastic way, with tons of jokes and silliness. This website isn’t written for the corporate world – it’s written for humans, who want to learn and progress, but also smile and laugh. If that sounds like you, then gosh darn it you’ve come to the right place!

Whether it be explanations of networking theory, or examples of real-world problems, hopefully this blog will end up being a collection of useful knowledge that folks at all levels will enjoy browsing through.



Well, I love to write and perform comedy. I’m a big fan of Japanese things – I’m trying and failing to learn the language, and I’ve always loved the pop culture of the country. I love reading novels, going to the theatre and cinema, keeping up to date with politics, listening to new music, playing Super Mario games, smashing fascism, fighting tax dodgers, and doing things to make people happy. I really enjoy cooking, and especially baking – I love milkshakes and sweets, as you might guess from the photo! Soon I’m going to start teaching North Korean refugees some IT skills. I sometimes think I have too many hobbies!



Two reasons: partly in case it helps increase my Google search rankings, but mainly because then everyone gets to feel welcome here. Yep, I’m a real good guy!