Aww thanks for asking! That’s very kind of you.

I’m Chris Parker, a network engineer from London.

I’ve worked in the ISP sector for around 13 years, but it’s only very recently that I’ve truly fallen in love with networking – and it’s probably not a coincidence that it was around the same time that I started to use Junos!

Since being hit by a thirst for knowledge, in the past few years I’ve thrown myself into studying. Along the way I’ve achieved JNCIE-SP, two JNCIP certs, three JNCIS, five JNCIA, and most recently I’m delighted to say I passed the Juniper Instructor exam. So if you ever take a Juniper class, there’s an outside chance I might be teaching it!

In 2019 I had the incredible privilege of being invited to become one of just 25 worldwide Juniper Ambassadors. It means I get to be involved in cool projects and get direct access to Juniper engineers, in exchange for sharing the knowledge and the passion that I have for Junos, and for networking at large.

For example, I contributed chapters to the Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook 2019. It’s a collection of “recipes” showing you how to solve specific problems. And guess what – like almost all Juniper books, it’s completely free! My chapters were all about MPLS. Give it a read!

More recently I wrote chapter 2 of the Beginners Guide To Junos, a completely free book that will help you get started on your own journey.

As it happens though, I’ve since left the program, because I’m now a full-time employee at Juniper, in their educational content creation department. I recently wrote the student guide for the MPLS Layer 2 VPN course, and I’m currently working on another cours that I’m VERY excited to tell you about soon.



I love to study, and I love to share my new-found knowledge with others. And that’s exactly what this blog is: round-ups of new knowledge I’ve learned, summarising the facts, adding in jokes, and hopefully telling it with a bit more charm than then average piece of documentation!

Because here’s the thing: we all know that 99% of networking blogs as dry, dull and tedious. They’ll either suck away your enthusiasm, or they’ll leave you so confused that you end up with more questions than answers. Sometimes even the official documentation will contradict itself, or be almost impenetrable. And I’ve lost count of the number of blogs that literally just copy and paste the Wikipedia article on the topic!!

This blog tries to do something different: I want to teach you the concepts in an enthusiastic way, with tons of jokes and silliness. This website isn’t written for the corporate world – it’s written for humans, who want to learn and progress, but also smile and laugh. If that sounds like you, then gosh darn it you’ve come to the right place!

Whether it be explanations of networking theory, or examples of real-world problems, hopefully this blog will end up being a collection of useful knowledge that folks at all levels will enjoy browsing through.

Rest assured: although I am an employee of Juniper, this blog is entirely my own. It’s written in my spare time, I don’t ask anyone’s permission, and it’s entirely free, by me, for the community. Of course, if you want to support me and help me to pay my web hosting, I definitely won’t say no!



I’m a big fan of Japanese things – I’m trying and failing to learn the language, and I’ve always loved the pop culture of the country. I love reading novels, going to the theatre and cinema, listening to far too many different genres of new music (goth, progressive rock, drum and bass, garage, ballads, disco, electro, lo-fi, future funk, and plenty more), baking, and of course, memes memes memes.