Some folks have asked why I don’t charge for this blog, or put it behind a paywall. Honestly, I just love teaching networking! It’s one of my favourite things to do. And I’m a writer at heart. Writing helps me to relax. It’s a hobby for me. It’s why I give all my posts away for free.

And besides: many engineers in the past have helped me out. By running this blog, I like to think I’m giving back to the next generation of engineers.

But sometimes folks ask me if there’s a way they can support my work. And to be truthful, it would be pretty sweet if I could just cover the costs of running this blog, and the tools I need to keep on learning myself, so that I can at least break even, rather than it actually costing me money to run.

So if you fancy helping me out with that, and slipping a bit of money my way, that would be wonderful. You’d be doing me an incredible kindness!

Here’s a few examples of things I’ve either bought already, or would like to buy, that your donations would go towards:

  • Web hosting – $60 a year
  • Photoshop license – £120 a year
  • Gmail for my domain – £50 a year
  • EVE-NG professional license – €99 + tax
  • My personal EVE-NG tower server – a one-time payment of £500
  • New laptop – lol let’s not talk about that cost.

You absolutely do not have to give me even a single penny of your money. I do all of this for love and for the community, and I’m just grateful that people are reading and sharing my posts. But if you do fancy helping me out, I can promise you that the money will be going directly towards the things I need to keep this blog going in the future.

Actually, scrap that. I can’t promise that I won’t just immediately spend it on chocolate.

Thank you very much! 🙂